• Express Scaffolding


At Express Scaffolding, we provide a whole range of scaffolding products to help get the job done. Our scaffolding products are available to purchase or hire. Our range constantly grows, if you need something and do not see it here, please feel free to call us.

Scaffolding Systems

At Express Scaffolding, we work with the Kwikstage and the Tube & Fitting Systems. These are available to purchase or hire. Pricing will depend on exactly what you need and how long you need it for.

Edge Protection

Our range of edge protection is available for purchase or hire. Edge protection ensures that you have temporary protection at ground level / roof level for all projects.


Encapsulation is a very strong plastic that wraps around your scaffolding system to ensure that your site remains secure. It can help to protect against weather, as well as keeping unwanted people / animals out.

Scaffold Boards

One of the basics, we always carry a range of scaffolding boards to suit the scaffolding system you are using.

Scaffold Fittings

Fittings include swivels, steel sleeves and much more. We generally work with the Kwikstage and Tube & Fitting Systems and always carry a range of these fittings.

Acrow Props & Accessories

These are very strong steel props designed to prop up structures during construction. These come in lots of different sizes and can be hired or bought.

Scaffold Sheeting

Scaffold sheeting can shield from weather and help to keep dust and debris contained within a site.

Scaffolding Tags / Scafftag

Once we are fully satisfied that all health and safety procedures have been followed and that the scaffolding is as secure as possible, we provide you with scaffolding tags as a verification that it has been signed off.


Our trestles are available in a number of sizes. There is no minimum order, we can provide trestles for every size job. Call us today to discuss your requirements.

Security Fencing

Keep people out of your site. Security Fencing is a deterrent and can help keep intruders off your site. This is not only to prevent theft, but to prevent any accidents. Sites can be dangerous and only authorised personal can be allowed on site.

Aluminium Staircases

This is compatible with all our scaffolding systems. It is ideal when you need something more secure and sturdy than a ladder, such as when you are carrying heavy loads.

Galvanised Tube

Galvanised Tube is suited for the tube and fitting systems. Again, there is no minimum order, we can provide you with tubing in a variety of different lengths.


We stock ladders of all sizes, depending on the height you are working on. We can provide extra if needed.

Staging / Crowd Control Barriers

We can help you set up for your next event, with lightweight staging and crowd control barriers. As every event is different, we take the time to discuss exactly what you need, and the timeframe you are working with.