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Acrow Prop Hire and Sales

If you are in the construction business, you may be in the market for Acrow props to be used in your support system for overhead loads. At Express Scaffolding we have a large range of Acrow props for hire and Acrow props for sale; depending on your needs.

Acrow props are adjustable steel props that you can use to support ceilings, walls and even floors. All the Acrow props for hire and Acrow props to buy that we stock are fully adjustable to meet different height and load-bearing needs. This product offers increased strength and durability, while also being the safe, efficient, and reliable choice of product for your company to use.

If you are looking for Acrow props to buy,

get in contact with Express Scaffolding today.

Why Use Acrow Props?

If you are hesitating in contacting us for Acrow prop hire and sales, here are some reasons using Acrow props is the best decision for your construction project.

Although there are multiple types of props that one can use, Acrow props are the most popular as they can be adjusted for the type of load and weight that they are supporting. Both the top plate and the base plate of an Acrow prop can be adjusted to different angles, so you can even use Acrow props on an angle if needed. Acrow props can be used horizontally for load-bearing walls, or vertically for ceilings and beams.

When you are looking for Acrow props to buy, keep in mind that you can use Acrow props for any type of project from house building to civil engineering. They are useful in any project that you need extra support.

Acrow props come in 5 standard sizes, however, we also offer heavy-duty Acrow props which give about 45% more support than the standard Acrow props.

About Acrow Prop Hire and Sales

Where are Acrow props for hire near me?

Express Scaffolding offers Acrow props for hire and sales to clients all over Roscommon, Mayo, Galway, Sligo and Westmeath.

How much does Acrow for hire cost?

At Express Scaffolding we offer competitive pricing based on your needs and specific situation.

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