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The Many Uses of Temporary Fencing

Few hire materials are as versatile and as convenient as the humble temporary fence. Quality fencing is a requirement for everything from construction projects to town festivals to large scale music events. There are very few events that don’t require temporary fencing.

At Express scaffolding we have been supplying quality fencing for years and we’re going to outline some of the more popular uses of our fencing products.



When we think about temporary fencing we immediately think about building sites. We have this association for good reason. Building sites almost always require temporary fencing for security. By preventing access to a site you protect the machinery on the site, the competency of the build and you protect yourself from an injury liability claim.



While often associated with urban areas, vandalism like graffiti can affect any outdoor space. Therefore site access to building sites and outdoor areas must be restricted. Vandalism is usually a crime of opportunity. A deterrent like fencing can go a long way in reducing the possibility of vandals entering a site.



Music festivals, sports events, political demonstrations – no matter the event when there is a large number of people, crowd control becomes a necessity. Setting up fencing helps to protect off-limit areas, control the swell of a crowd and make sure crowds can safely move around.



Not only is temporary fencing used at large events, but it can also be used at smaller events that will include small children. Dangerous areas that feature drops, water or a busy road can be blocked off to prevent children from accessing a potentially dangerous area.

The above are just some of the more common ways temporary fencing is used. However, fencing has a myriad of other uses not mentioned above. For more information on our temporary fencing sales and hire services please see our dedicated fencing page or call us directly on:

Mobile: 087 2898042

Galway: 091 423955

Mayo: 094 9505035

Roscommon: 090 6406210

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